Customer cases

Building the next generation software for real estate management with Pulsar Flex 


L.E.B has been providing a broad software solution for real estate management since 1990. The product, bearing the same name,  targets mid and large sized organisations with internal or external real estate management needs. The most recent version of the product is called L.E.B KROM and it uses Pulsar Flex as its unified full stack product architecture.

Key benefits of Pulsar Flex used by L.E.B:

  • Reducing costs for development and maintenance by using a turn key full stack framework functionality, lets L.E.B develop value adding solutions to the real estate management business and to focus on the needs of their customers, rather than on framework technology.
  • Moving from coding to configuration shortens the delivery cycles without compromising quality. This is a major competitive advantage for L.E.B. It is also a customer satisfaction booster as it lets L.E.B respond to urgent customer needs in a structured and quality assured way.
  • Moving from several platform/device dependent applications to a unified responsive user interface with full functionality on all devices both saves costs on legacy software and extends the reach of the product. For users, like technicians and property managers, working out-of-office is part of the normal day. The functionality of any systems they use need to be out-of-office as well.
  • The inherent modularity brought by Pulsar Flex makes it easier for stake holders, architects, developers and users to reason about the product. Changes and development can be compartmentalised which makes transformations easier and safer.
  • Flexible deployment allowing for hybrids between private on-site installation and cloud/hosted deployment makes it possible for L.E.B to offer their customers different options depending on data sensitivity and IT-policies.
  • Long term commitment is essential. Pulsar Flex is built to handle technology shifts in a safe way, bringing existing solutions along and guiding the migration from the platforms, tools and devices of today on to those of tomorrow.

L.E.B is a principal partner to DSE in designing and developing the Pulsar Flex framework.